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  • Rear Picatinny adapter included
  • Modular design for individual personalization
  • Folds left or right by simply reversing the hinge
  • Uses our 6.25" extension for a 13.25" Length of Pull (LOP)
  • Offset extension mounts in 4 different configurations
  • Positively locks in both the open and folded position
  • Spring loaded detent with machined hinge pin
  • 6061 construction with Type II low gloss anodized finish
  • With offset configuration, firearm can be fired with brace folded to the right

A3 Tactical is proud to release our new Modular Folding Arm Brace system for the IWI UZI PRO. This system is designed specifically for this application with a custom UZI PRO-specific rear adapter and the appropriate components to work on this specific pistol.  The single pivot design of the folder utilizes a positive spring-lock for both the open and closed position, allowing the user to simply and quickly release the brace from either position. 

With the offset brace extension, the user can fire the firearm with the brace folded to the right. The brace clears the ejection port.

Additionally, if the brace is configured to fold to the left, the brace does not interfere with the side charging handle.

NOTE: UZI PRO rear Picatinny adapter included!

 Please see our complete disclaimers page HERE . The A3 Modular Brace is not designed nor should it be used as a stock or to discharge a firearm from the shoulder. The A3 Modular Brace is to be used as a pistol stabilizing arm brace. You are responsible for the proper and legal use of the A3 Modular Br ace at all times. If you have purchased an A3 Modular Brace and wish to utilize the modularity function with parts designed for our Modular Stock , please be aware of all federal, state and local laws and ordinances that you must obey. The National Firearms Act regulates items such as short barreled rifles, and by utilizing components of the A3 Tactical Modular Brace as a firearm stock, you may be subjecting your firearm and yourself to NFA laws and regulations. It is your responsibility to obey all laws and properly register any NFA items you may create with use of A3 Tactical products.

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