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  • Modular design for individual customization
  • Positive latch in both folded and closed positions
  • Folds left or right by simply flipping the hinge
  • Light-weight all aluminum construction

These Picatinny-mounted (1913) A3 Tactical Modular Braces allow you to design and build the brace that best suits your needs. As long as you already have a Picatinny (1913) mount on the rear of your firearm, these braces will mount to it. NOTE: not recommended for SIG MPX, MCX, and Rattler. These firearms use a rear charging handle which interferes with this hinge. For SIG applications, use our SIG-specific braces located HERE


1 - Determine straight extension or offset extension. Straight extensions usually position the top of your brace close to bore centerline, on most firearms. This works fine for most but does not give you the adjustability that the offset extensions provide. Offset extensions allow the user to position the offset in 4 different positions to accommodate various needs such as:

  • avoiding obstacles like selector controls, bolt release levers, ejection ports, etc. when folded.
  • adjusting cheek height to match optics
  • positioning the brace at different heights for comfort

2 - Determine length. As a general rule of thumb, most applications utilize the 7.75", 8.25", or 8.625". Some firearms with long receivers may require the shorten extensions. It is up to the user to determine length and measurements but here are some guidelines to help get you the best option. The extension length is the actual length of the extension itself. It does not factor in the thickness of the hinge or the brace. Our hinge adds 7/16" (.4375") and the Steady-Brace or Tailhook adds 5/8" (.625"). So add 1.0625" (1-1/16") to your extension length to get overall brace length. 

3 - Choose a brace. The Steady-brace is our brand of brace and offered in high-strength injection-molded Polymer, or 6061 machined aluminum. Both are dimensionally identical. They ship with a Velcro forearm strap which is optional (based on current rulings). The Steady-brace is a minimalist-designed brace that works equally well on pistol caliber sub-guns as well as rifle caliber pistols. They are lightweight and durable, and a great choice for any folder. You also have the option to outfit our folder with an adapter that allows the use of Gearhead Works Tailhooks. You can purchase just the adapter (Tailhook adapter) or add an adapter and Tailhook (when in stock). For more information about Tailhooks please visit their site HERE.


Length-of-pull may soon be a determining factor for calculating the ATF's new point system which will dictate whetehr your braced pistol is in violation  of NFA laws. While nothing has been determined yet, the target usually falls around the 13.5" mark or shorter. When calculating Length-of-Pull (LOP) with our Modular brace please use the follwing guidelines:

  1. Take a measurement from the face of your trigger to the rear of the Picatinny rail on the back of the firearm.
  2. Add 1-1/16" to this number to account for the hinge and brace.
  3. Add the extension length chosen for your brace.

The combination of these 3 numbers is your LOP.

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