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These cheek rests are designed to work with our Modular folders AND Skelestocks. Please read below to ensure that you order the correct riser for your application:

CLAMP-ON RISER - These fit all A3 Tactical Modular folding stocks and braces (excluding the 5.9375" length). They measure 1" wide by 4" long and feature a 1/4"-1/2" rise. They can be clamped onto any of our straight or offset extensions, excluding the 5.9375" length. These will NOT fit our Skelestock and they are NOT compatible with the Sig brand of braces and stocks, or the SB Tactical braces.

Manufactured from MJF Nylon. Easy 10 minute installation.

BOLT-ON RISER - These are designed to work with our Skelestock folding stocks. Our Skelestock already comes with a 1/2" riser but if you need something taller these 1" risers are available. The standard ECO riser measures 5/8" wide and is 5" long. The DX riser is 1.25" wide x 5" long plus has a skirt that extends down one side an additional inch for extra engagement. The skirt can be switched from one side to the other to accommodate RH or LH shooters.

Manufactured from MJF Nylon. Easy 5 minute installation.

BOLT-ON MAGPUL RISER - These are designed to work with our Skelestock folding stocks. Our Skelestocks come standard with a 1/2" minimalist riser. We developed an adapter that allows the user to use Magpuls Zhukov risers on our Skelestocks. These risers have substantially more surface area for your cheek rest and come in 3 different heights - 1/4", 1/2", and 3/4". Please note, these heights are in addition to the 1/4" adapter height so observed height on our Skelestock will be 1/2", 3/4", and 1". 

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