STEADY-BRACE - Pistol Stabilizing Brace


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Introducing the Steady-Brace Modular Pistol Stabilizer. The SteadyBrace provides pistol stabilization in a sleek and sturdy platform at an affordable price point. Designed from the ground up to work with our professional line of Modular Folders, you can now get the same high-quality features and versatility in your stabilizing brace.  The overall design is smooth and snag-free resulting in a comfortable stabilizing interface for the forearm.

Machined from rugged 6061 aluminum or injection-molded Fiber-reinforced Zytel Polymer, there is no flexible rubber or Velcro straps to mess with, just a rugged forearm cradle designed to last (Velcro strap supplied can be used if desired). Utilizing two #10 screws and a positive socket retention the SteadyBrace mounts securely to your A3 Tactical folder. The slim, compact design provides plenty of clearance on a variety of host applications while keeping weight to a minimum.

NOTE: this is the forearm cradle only. This item is only compatible with A3 Tactical's Modular Folders and Telescoping Braces. You must have one of these items to use this brace.

Product Specifications

Materials: Machined 6061 aluminum or Glass-reinforced Injection molded Zytel Polymer
Overall length: 5.625 inches
Width at widest point: 1.00 inch
Weight: Aluminum - 3.6 oz., Polymer - 1.5 oz.

- Sturdy, machined aluminum or Fiber-reinforced Polymer design
- Lightweight, Slim profile
- Compatible with all A3 Tactical Modular Folding Braces
- RH designs for multiple applications, LH versions coming soon

Warning: Use of this product is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.  It is the purchaser’s obligation to verify compliance before purchasing.  Modifying or altering the SteadyBrace goes against NFA regulation and is not recommended. 

NFA BRACE DISCLAIMER: The A3 Modular Brace is not designed nor should it be used as a stock or to discharge a firearm from the shoulder. The A3 Modular Brace is to be used as a pistol stabilizing arm brace. You are responsible for the proper and legal use of the A3 Modular Br ace at all times. If you have purchased an A3 Modular Brace and wish to utilize the modularity function with parts designed for our Modular Stock , please be aware of all federal, state and local laws and ordinances that you must obey. The National Firearms Act regulates items such as short barreled rifles, and by utilizing components of the A3 Tactical Modular Brace as a firearm stock, you may be subjecting your firearm and yourself to NFA laws and regulations. It is your responsibility to obey all laws and properly register any NFA items you may create with use of A3 Tactical products.


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