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  • Choice of machined aluminum body or Super rigid Zytel polymer
  • 2 Quick-disconnect (QD) sling mounts at front of stock 
  • Rear textured butt-plate
  • Heavy-duty steel tensioned hinge positively latches in open position and has quick-deployment in folded position
  • Optional injection-molded rubber butt-pad and cheek-rest

Triangle stocks aren't just for AK's, they add a unique look to just about any firearm you put them on. With our modular mounting interface, it allows the user to put a Triangle Stock on just about any firearm.

ALUMINUM: Our new Aluminum Triangle Stock is machined completely from 6061 aluminum and profiled for weight savings. It has rear texture machined into the butt-plate surface, or you can install the optional textured rubber butt-pad.

POLYMER: Our new Polymer Triangle Stock is injection-molded from super rigid 30% fiber-reinforced Zytel, by DuPont. This isn't your typical "plastic", this polymer easily rivals the aluminum, at a much more economical price and reduced weight.

Steel Quick-disconnect (QD) sling mounting socket can be attached on either side. QD sling mount
Optional injection-molded rubber cheek rest and textured butt-pad Cheek rest and butt-pad

Available with 2 different hinge options - A3T 2-BOLT and Picatinny (1913). Choose A3T 2-bolt hinge to mount to just about any of our 2-bolt rear stock adapters such as: CZ SCORPION, CZ BREN 2, GRAND POWER STRIBOG, B&T APC AND GHM, AR BUFFER THREAD, HK MP5/SP5 and more. Choose Picatinny (1913) to mount on firearms with rear Picatinny rails such as: AK's, UTAS UT9, IWI UZI PRO, SIG MPX/MCX/RATTLER, and RUGER PC CHARGER


Overall length from end of stock to hinge mounting face - 9"

Rear buttplate height - 4"

Weight -

  • Aluminum - 12.9 oz.
  • Polymer - 10.2 oz.


NOTE: Does not clear charging handle on ACE Galil or UZI PRO.

NOTE: This is not a brace, this is a stock. All NFA rules apply.

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